Check out what's happening in Vanilla OS world.

Vanilla OS 2.0 Orchid - Initial Work

Moving to Debian Sid After discussions and considerations, we decided to move away from Ubuntu and base our distribution on Debian Sid. For this reason, we changed the version name and codename,...

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Nix support in Apx has landed!

We’re excited to announce that we have integrated support for the well-known Nix package manager into Apx, enabling users to install packages from Nix repositories. Introduction to Nix The Nix package manager...

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Vanilla OS Core - A minimal and clean base

We have chosen the GNOME desktop environment as the default in Vanilla OS. To cater to the diverse needs of users, we are developing Vanilla OS Core (a minimal and clean base...

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Point vs Rolling Release and the modern solutions

In the world of Linux distributions, there are Point releases (fixed releases) and Rolling releases (continuous releases). Each type of release has its advantages and disadvantages. Point releases Point releases are well...

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VSO is the Vanilla System Operator

VSO, or Vanilla System Operator, is a core component of Vanilla OS, a Linux distribution that aims to offer a hassle-free and automated experience. One of the crucial features of VSO is...

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Why we switched from Almost to ABRoot

If you’ve been following the Vanilla OS project from the start, you’ll notice that our plans for immutability have changed. We’ve developed two technologies, Almost and ABRoot, that we’ve used to achieve...

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Apx, an unconventional package manager

Vanilla OS is an immutable and atomic distribution that prioritizes security and stability. As such, installing packages in the root partition is possible using ABRoot, but this approach isn’t ideal or recommended...

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Vanilla OS 22.10 Kinetic is out!

It is with great pleasure that we announce that Vanilla OS 22.10 Kinetic, the first stable release of the project, is available for download! We have been working on the project for...

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End of Winter Wallpaper Competition 2022

Some weeks ago, we announced the first Winter Wallpaper Competition, where you could propose your own wallpaper for Vanilla OS. We received some great submissions, and now it’s time to vote for...

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