Vanilla OS Logo

Vanilla OS resources and logos.

The Idea

The Vanilla OS logo wants to remain visually simple yet distinctive.

The entire project aims for maximum simplicity, keeping the user experience as clean as possible without imposing any unnecessary customization that could alter the user experience designed for the software that comes with Vanilla OS, e.g. GNOME.

Our logo is distributed in 2 variants: the logotype and the icon, both in PNG and SVG formats with an optional inverted version.

Vanilla OS Logo Text

The Vanilla OS logo in text format.

Vanilla OS Icon

The Vanilla OS icon.



The font used for the logo is Pacifico by Vernon Adams, Jacques Le Bailly, Botjo Nikoltchev, Ani Petrova.

An example of the font used for the logo.

The font is licensed under the Open Font License.


The colors used for the logo are Black and Yellow Orange. We may combine these colors with others to highlight content. See the full table below:

Name Purpose Hex
Black Main color #000000
Yellow Orange Accent color #FFBF48
White Inv. main color #FFFFFF
Cararra Misc. color #F2F1ED
Westar Misc. color #E4E3DF