Vanilla OS Roadmap

The roadmap for the stable release of Vanilla OS.


  • Stable: A release that is ready for production use.
  • Closed/Open Beta: A release that is ready for testing and feedback.
  • Release Candidate: A release that is proposed for the stable release.

All releases are always available for download on our GitHub page, the main difference is the level of support and stability.


The following dates are subject to change. Time is in GMT+2.

Late December 2022


The first stable release of Vanilla OS.

Release Candidate builds are available for testing.

28 November 2022

ABRoot Ready

ABRoot is ready to be included in the next release.

11 November 2022

Slowdown #1

We have decided to deprecate Almost for ABRoot, a new utility designed to provide a more robust and full atomic immutability model, as a result the next release will be delayed by a few weeks.

24 October 2022

Open Beta

The first open beta of Vanilla OS.

09 October 2022

Closed Beta 2

The second Closed Beta stage of Vanilla OS begins.

01 October 2022

Closed Beta 1

The first Closed Beta stage of Vanilla OS begins.

24 September 2022


First Alpha release of Vanilla OS.


The following planning is subject to change.


Feature Status
ABRoot Final tests
A/B Compatibility Check Done
A/B Root Manager Done
OverlayFS support for transactions Done
Transaction features Done
Boot Updater Done
Debug flag Done
CLI Done

VSO (Vanilla System Operator)

Feature Status
VSO Final tests
Updates Scheduler Done
Updates Manager Done
Configuration Manager Done
Automation Tasks Manager Done
Developer Program Planned for the future
CLI Done

Almost (Replaced by ABRoot)

Feature Status
Almost Discontinued
Configurator Done
Systemd Persistent Mode Done
Offline Updates Support Done
Persistent Overlays Support Done
Atomic Updates Support Done


Feature Status
Apx Final tests
--sys flag (replaced by abroot exec and abroot shell) Done
--aur flag Done
--dnf flag Done
Core Container features Done

First Setup

Feature Status
First Setup Final tests
Support for custom recipes Done
Default templates Done
Tour Done
ABRoot support Done
Vanilla OS Recipe Done


Feature Status
Installer Final tests
Automatic partitioning Done
Manual partitioning Planned for the future
Keyboard layout selection Final tests
Timezone selection Final tests
Language selection Final tests
User creation Done
Processor WIP
distinst support Done
Vanilla OS Recipe Done

Control Center

Feature Status
Vanilla Control Center Final tests
Drivers management Done
Updates management Done
Sub System management Done
Overlays support Replaced by ABRoot

GNOME Packages Updates (43)

Feature Status
gnome-control-center Final tests
gnome-software Done
adwaita-icon-theme Done

Misc and other packages

Feature Status
almost-extras Replaced by ABRoot
base-files Done
vanilla-base-meta Done
vanilla-base-desktop Done
vanilla-beta-notice Replaced by vanilla-dev-notice
vanilla-dev-notice Done
vanilla-backgrounds Done
vanilla-systemd-units Final tests
plymouth-theme-vanilla Done
calamares-settings-vanilla Replaced by Vanilla Intaller
micro-distrobox Done
dev-help-tools Done
Upgrade Utility WIP
vanilla-os-build Replaced by ISO Builder
ISO Builder Final tests
Branding Done
Website Done
Documentation WIP
Handbook WIP
AdwDialog Done
distinst minor changes Done